Il 1° International Girls Hockey Camp has been initiated to promote the development of female players.
At the International Girls Hockey Camp female players from 10 years of age are admitted.
Partecipation terms: Being already enrolled for a ice hockey club and Playing hockey since one year at least.

The attendees will be split into 2 or 3 groups according to their level, in order to guarantee the best practice condi-tions.
Due to the high technical demands, the International Girls Hockey Camp is NOT a camp for absolute beginners!


Fredy Püls
Mobile: +43 676 9545991
Email: fredy.puels@chello.at

EVB Südtirol Eagles
Mobile: +39 349 0829482
Email: info@evbz-hockeyacademy.it


  • 10 years old
  • Being already enrolled for a ice hockey club
  • Playing hockey since one year at least

Start 19th July 2020 h 12:00
End 24th July 2020 h 18:00
Attendees are requested to show up at the ice rink in Vipiteno at due time.

· 2 on ice practice sessions a day (Wednesday after-noon break for regeneration)
· 2 off ice workout sessions a day
· Specific goalie practice
· Technical assistance (sharpening etc.)
· Kit including personal bottle, t-shirt and shorts
· Full board accomodation (anyway it’s possible to attend only the practice without accomodation)
  • 599 Euro for full board accommodation
  • 355 Euro for the practice only (lunch included)
  •   70 Euro for single days (lunch included)

The registration form can be downloaded from the website www.evbz-hockeyacademy.it under the menu item “Media/Download”. The completed form has to be sent according to the information on the form.

Fredy Püls Raiffeisen Landesbank Tirol IBAN: AT31 3600 0000 0186 3653 – BIC: RZTIAT22
Only the payment within 31.05.2020 entitles to participate.

In cooperation with: EVB EAGLES SÜDTIROL (13 times Italian champion, EWHL winner 2014, runner-up 2015)

Technical staff

The camp attendees are supported by a staff of internation-al accredited coaches.
The practice sessions will be supported by players of the Italian national team.

Fredy Püls
Fredy Püls
Head coach Eagles Südtirol


Max Fedrizzi
Coach U18 Italy


Paul Vincent




Vipiteno is a city in northern Italy, in the Province of Bol-zano at the foot of the Alps. Located at 3228 ft. above sea level it has a well balanced summer climate (between 57° and 77°F).

Vipiteno is only 10 miles south of the Brennero border to Austria and can be easily reached by means of the high-way A22. Given the potential catchment area, the venue
is ideal from the logistical point of view.

The ice rink of Vipiteno is located in the sportive area. Next to the rink there is an athletic field and the outdorr and indoor pools. For the off ice workout sessions the fitness area of the hotel is available.

Website: Weihenstephan Arena


Sporthotel Zoll, wellness and relax!

The Sporthotel Zoll has many years experience in sup-porting sport teams in particular ice hockey teams and knows about the special requirements in terms of food.
The accomodation is in quad rooms. The wellness area of the hotel is accessible free of charge. Perfect to relax after a hard practice day.
The transport from the hotel to the rink and back is guaran-teed by minivans (distance only 5 minutes).